Denfair/Rakumba Lighting
Behind The Veil Of Light
Denfair/Rakumba Lighting

The design challenged the traditional approach of openly displaying objects at a trade fair, veiling the pendants on show from clear view, encouraging their discovery through exploration. The use of cost-effective, lightweight interfacing fabric (rather than more traditional building materials), enabled rapid construction and minimal supporting infrastructure.

The brief from Rakumba Lighting was simple (and imposing): maximise brand exposure and to win the DENFAIR Best Large Stand award. We did.

Hovering the large form above the ground produced a juxtaposition of volume and weightlessness that ran counter to conventional stall design. Deciding against projecting brand identification, the installation used materiality to inspire investigation. It offered a meaningful experience that was shared through word of mouth and social media.


Innovative construction details, produced through multi-stage prototyping and experimentation, allowed for simple and rapid construction.

Occupying a six by six metre footprint, the stand is an example of how architecture can create a unique and immersive experience within a crowded environment. The aim was to exaggerate the height of the venue and claim the maximum volume possible. The result was a tall suspended lantern floating above the ground. Consequently, the stand could be seen throughout the exhibition space, creating a visual landmark for visitors.

The monotone palette created a commanding, monolithic form that contrasted with the lightness offered through layering translucent interlacing fabric. Leveraging Rakumba’s skills of manufacturing lampshades, the design showcases the craftsmanship of their detailing. The fabric veil masks and reveals concurrently, displaying the glow of the pendants whilst disguising their form and detail. The floating form provided glimpses of the activities within, inspiring curiosity in the passing crowds. A tree suspended upside-down within the volume created ornamentation and complexity, transporting visitors from the bustling fair environment to an abstracted landscape that was focused and intimate.

Collaborating with Archier – who conceived the design – fulfilled our brief magnificently.


The Rakumba stand designed by Archier was a stand-out among the major design boutiques on display at the 2016 DENFAIR show. The stand allowed for engagement on a number of different levels. It maximised volume within a small space, internally creating a multi-sensory experience, while acting as a beacon externally to the other 140 design exhibitors.

In awarding the Best Large Stand award the panel noted
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