Unconventional Prefab

Sitting midway between traditional architectural projects and the modular market, this option offers a streamlined design and documentation process. Prefab by Archier is our response to an escalating and unpredictable construction market, and was born out of a desire to make great design accessible to more people.

These projects are designed with prefabricated manufacturing processes in mind, revolutionising the design and construction of homes by delivering substantial time savings. Our panelised system allows for unique, site responsive floorplans that are assembled by our building partners. From a controlled factory setting, our off-site manufacturing model works to minimise on-site work and introduces efficiencies that significantly benefit the building process.

Our Prefab homes also offer the highest environmental performance, ensuring that your home reduces post-occupancy power consumption, remains cool during summer and retains heat in the winter.

We deliver unique, site and brief responsive design, with speed and cost transparency.

About Archier

Archier is an architectural practice that focuses on making spaces where people can grow and live better together, while also connecting with the environment they are a part of. As a practice, we became frustrated observing how technology was improving efficiencies for many other industries, all while the construction industry was seemingly becoming slower and less efficient. From soaring prices to opaque processes, building great homes has become significantly harder over time. As a response to this, we formed Prefab by Archier; an expedited service that delivers buildings that are well-crafted, sustainable and healthy to live in – all while embracing our overarching practice ethos.

Key Benefits


Architecture delivered by an award winning practice in a fraction of the usual time.


Our world class Passive Haus certified facade system allows prefab by Archier to have floor-to-ceiling glass, the facades are thermally broken and can accommodate triple glazing


We use local timber sourced from PEFC-certified, regrowth forests. Offers a reduction in steel without compromising structural integrity. Offsite manufacturing and assembly further reduce the significant waste of traditional onsite construction.


Championing timber, our system exposes and embraces the beauty of and within the structure.

Unrivalled design flexibility

Highly adaptable configurations and forms to suit all clients, contexts, and climates. Freedom from fixed modules or preset layouts, enabling a broader spectrum of architectural expression. Elevation of prefabrication to a new level of refinement.

Material versatility

Clad and finish buildings with almost any material desired. Break free from the common aesthetic of modular prefabrication, embracing a wide range of architectural styles.

Enhanced project predictability

Better management of project schedules and budgets through a streamlined, predictable construction process. An intuitive, simplified and clear process between architect and client.

Foresight and budget management – avoid cost blowouts with our early works pricing tools providing accurate price estimates during design.

The Archier Difference

We have consolidated a decade of project experience and learned lessons from our multi award-winning residential and commercial projects, and created a revolutionary streamlined design and build process.

This refined methodology delivers unmatched predictability and architectural outcomes, underpinned by a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Our PassiveHaus certified facade system is a cornerstone of this approach, enabling floor-to-ceiling glass, thermally broken facades, and the option for triple glazing.

This innovation not only facilitates Prefab by Archier but also resonates with our endeavour for environmental consciousness in every design. We provide a robust structural frame, empowering you to clad and finish your buildings with almost any material, perfectly aligning with your architectural vision.

The built outcome exceeds all other Australian prefabricated, lightweight or modular solutions in performance, structural integrity and aesthetic, and provides unprecedented market value.


How long does the process take?

Our expedited design program is delivered within four key client meetings generally spanning 12-16 weeks (we can move faster if you wish!)

On completion of construction drawings, we pair you with our building partner, who will construct your new home within 6-9 months.

The builder is always appointed to the project at the very beginning, which confirms their availability, holds a space for your build and allows them to participate in the feasibility of the budget.

Who are your builders?

We’re launching with top master builders with whom we have long standing professional relationships, and who have built several of our prior projects. To grow our service areas we’re always talking to new builders and are regularly touring them through our manufacturing facility to introduce them to the system.

If we don’t currently service your area, but you wish to work with us, we are happy to reach out to builders in your area and find the right fit.

Will my home be energy efficient?

Of course, in line with the NCC every one of our homes will achieve a minimum 7 star rating, and each home is assessed and certified by an external sustainability consultant.

Thermal performance, integrity and sustainability is critical to all of our work, and every one of our project is designed with PassiveHaus principles.

Where can I find the floorplans?

It was very important to us that we continued to create unique architectural designs to suit each client and site. We’ll present the very best design possible in the context of your brief, budget and site, and collaborate with you on the siting, orientation, floorplan, finishes and fittings throughout our meetings.

What are your fees?

Based on your spatial brief, our fixed fee will be between $40k-60k, so significantly lower than market architectural fees. The fee is spread across four instalments, with any Council or statutory RFIs being done on an hourly basis as these are difficult to predict and do not always apply.

We don’t believe in upgrades or hidden costs.

We’ll also outline all other mandatory sub consultant fees before we begin. If you’ve already had some site reports done, that’s great!

In total, your land survey, geotechnical soil report, bushfire rating, structural engineer, energy assessment and building surveyor will be between $22-25k.

Sites that do not connect to town water or sewer will also require a Land Capability Assessment and a the septic system consultant.

Where are the panels made?

In our manufacturing facility in Melbourne. Our floor, wall, roof panels and external structural glazing system is all made with renewable, sustainable Australian hardwood – including the insulation. and transported to site and assembled with the help of a crane.

Can you work with BAL40 or FZ sites?

Yes, materials rated to BAL40 and FZ can be specified for sites with these BAL ratings. There may be a small additional fee for liaising with the local CFA for approval of the overall plan, which is a Council requirement.

Do you offer your Prefab service for renovations as well as just new builds?

We can definitely deliver our panelised solution to renovation projects, however incorporating improvements to the retained part of an existing dwelling would be considered a hybrid between the prefab and full architectural service. Our off site manufactured system still provides incredible value as an extension, though retention of part of an existing dwelling naturally adds more scope to architect and builder.

We are happy to explore and advise on additions and extensions specific to your individual project.

What is the difference between your prefab service and full service?


Our prefab service has been developed for single residential projects where budget is the key factor, to prioritise budget in the current market it’s imperative we move quickly.

Our full architectural services remain available to clients who may prefer a different construction methodology, have a complex or large project, a project where budget was not the key factor, if a site has multiple overlays, or if there are multiple stakeholders.Full architectural service generally takes 12-18 months and will likely also need longer for statutory approvals.

What are the limitations?

Curved walls are not possible with our panelised system.

We are currently working with an innovative high strength steel footings system rather than concrete slab on ground, as a more environmental solution. This also reduces the work required to level the site, saves money, and allows for greater flexibility with steep sites.

We’re are prioritising projects without significant planning restrictions (multiple overlays) as this allows us to maintain the required momentum and get on site quickly.

Can I have a pool?

We can certainly show a pool on the site plan, however design works to any landscape items such as sheds, garages, driveways and pools are not included in our prefab design process.

Connection to landscape, and the overall site outcome is really important to us, and we will recommend a landscape architect to work with you on any outbuildings, pools, landscape, and planting.

How will we work together if I’m not in Melbourne?

We’re proficient in managing projects remotely. We will always undertake a site visit, and meet you in person then to discuss the brief and your aspirations in more detail as well as the specific location and orientation of the future dwelling.

All subsequent meetings are just as successful by Zoom, it’s your preference to visit our Melbourne studio.

Can I subdivide my land through this process?

Yes, we can discuss this with you.

Do you have any built examples?

As we have just launched this service, our first prefab projects are currently in construction, and will be photographed in due course.The system has been developed with Archier’s design aesthetic and energy performance at the forefront, therefore many of our prior projects are representative of what our panelised system can achieve, with the added benefit of speed and cost control.

We are currently working with clients across Victoria and Tasmania and New South Wales.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please provide your details via the enquiry form below.

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